Positive Self-Management HIV Program


From lab work to nutrition to medications, the new HIV self-management education program is teaching people how to live a healthy life with HIV. “This program was developed in 1997 by Stanford University originally and what they found by doing workshops in a group setting really allows us to learn from each other,” explained Sharon Krispinsky, chronic health program coordinator at Lee Health.

The program has proven to help patients better manage their symptoms and medications. “Patients who complete the program have better health outcomes, they have better care outcomes and they are less apt to use the hospital and emergency room,” said Krispinsky.

The virtual complimentary program meets once a week for six weeks in hopes of offering patients support and education. “Often when you’re managing a chronic health condition, it’s very overwhelming because there’s so much information and so many things that you should be doing in order to effectively manage it, so what we do is action planning which allows us to break down the information into more manageable steps,” she said.

HIV effects approximately 1.2 million people in the US. Through a partnership with the McGregor Clinic, Lee Health hopes the program will help patients better manage their diagnosis. “The patients that Lee Health serves, and the patients that we serve, it’s the same community, so it just makes sense. Let’s do better for our community and the best way to do better is to work together,” said Amalia Zamot director of prevention and community services McGregor Clinic.

Giving patients the direction, knowledge and hope they need to live a healthy life with HIV.

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